About us

About us is all about you! With the need of building a platform where anyone can purchase authentic and true leather products without any dubiety that what they spend their money on is real value for money, LEATHERMOZZO was initiated.

LEATHERMOZZO is a marketplace which includes vendors who are passionate about leather and interested to sell masterpieces to their customers. Understanding the need of consumer for buying genuine leather, LEATHERMOZZO abides the REAL principle:

R - Real

E - Examined

A - Authentic

L - Leather

We believe that its not about any specific age group or gender but much about the fondness towards REAL leather.

Never was leather faked much than it is Today! There are tons of thousands of products in supply with fancy leather "first names" to dupe people. But LEATHERMOZZO believes that you deserve the best quality leather products for the money you pay.

Have a REAL shopping experience. Happy Shopping!