SkinCrafts Leather Compact Backpack for Men

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  • Minimal, Compact and Elegant design
  • Handmade with extreme high finish
  • YKK bold metalic zippers
  • Multiple compartments for all needs

Description of product

Doubling luxury, thriving bliss. Inventing distinct features of caring without hassle. The Backpacks will provideyounewerexperience of delight and comfort, keeping you jolly all the time, andlabelingyour attire with a liberal feel and stylized look. SKINCRAFTS is an exclusive brand for goods and imitations made of leather. At SkinCrafts, we are obsessed with details. Our products are of international export quality standards. The grade of processed leather varies with the price range of leather sheets. At SkinCrafts we never compromise with the quality and use only premium, high finished leather along with uncompromised material so as to do justice to our designs. We are not obsessed with technical and over-functionalities, rather on making products that feel good to use.


DID YOU KNOW:  This leather is known for its particular smooth and supple softness. Nappa leather is made from the highest quality animal skin of kid- cow, lamb, calf etc, which is dyed and tanned. It is known for its soft touch and doesn't have any physical imperfections. Napa leather is often used in leather products such as furniture, clothing, handbags, and shoes.

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